Why Replace Dry Walls With Glass and Aluminium Walls?

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Origin - Why Replace Dry Walls With Glass and Aluminium Walls

Why Replace Dry Walls With Glass and Aluminium Walls?

The human connection.

What the COVID19 pandemic taught us is that the thing we will never take for granted again is the thing we miss most.

Feeling connected to those around us plays a big part in our day-to-day wellbeing. But how can we keep this feeling of connectedness while still keeping up with Covid protocols and social distancing?

With many employees working from home and slowly returning to the office a few days a week, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to keep everyone connected and safe at the same time. That is where glass and aluminium walls come into play.

How do these benefit us, and what is the best way to go about setting up glass partitions?

The Benefits of Glass

Glass partitions or glass walls are quality panes of glass held in place by aluminium frames or other hardware. They are non-load-bearing walls that act as room dividers but offer a light and airy feel to a room or office space.

Glass and aluminium walls are the perfect solutions to staying safe while feeling connected to those around you. The added light also creates a comfortable working environment and using glass partitions removes that feeling of claustrophobia reminiscent of the cubicles of yesteryear.

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As a bonus, using glass walls is a simple way to update your office with a modern feel. The list of benefits can go on but here are the top reasons why you should consider using glass

  • Glass and aluminium walls are more affordable over time
  • Glass partitions can be configured to meet various needs
  • They are more mobile and less permanent
  • Glass walls offer more natural light, reducing artificial lighting costs
  • Customers and employees appreciate seeing who they are working with
  • They create a feeling of connectivity and openness

Glass and Aluminium Walls

A top choice for offices and retail spaces, glass and aluminium walls are the preferred combination of materials. Aluminium creates a lightweight frame that is resistant to corrosion but is rigid enough to hold the glass panes.

These two materials paired together offer a clean and modern look to your office space. It is also a great way to divide up a room without having to sacrifice too much space, glass walls take up less room than traditional building materials.

Glass is great for creating an open feeling in a room. Allowing so much natural light in is an added benefit of glass and it changes how we see shape and colour, and how people interact with each other.

Mobile Glass Partitions

Flexibility is key in modern offices, especially with employees coming and going in shifts. Mobile glass partitions are a popular choice as they are easily moved depending on the needs of the office. Interview rooms, pop-up meeting rooms, or even spaces for a conference, allowing employees to connect in safety.

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Glass Boards

Another upgrade in keeping with the times is glass boards. Offices are using glass boards in place of whiteboards as they are not damaged by harsh cleaning products. Glass is also easy to clean and sanitize; another factor that is important in offices these days.

The smooth surface provides a perfect place to make meeting notes or project outlines, and all forms of markers wipe off easily without any staining. These glass boards can be made as either a mountable board to be placed on your office wall or a portable board that can be moved around the office.

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Seeing The Light

Modern office space is all about flexibility these days. Teams move in and out, and employees work from home some days. But even in the most uncertain times, we need to connect.

By using glass and aluminium walls we can create a feeling of closeness and connection for not only employees but also for customers and clients. We are also able to keep each other safe, but not feel shut off.

If you would like more information about glass and aluminium walls and what the best choice is for your office space, contact us today and one of our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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