Origin - When Can You Build Without Plans in South Africa

When Can You Build Without Plans in South Africa?

The time and effort needed to build a new home or commercial space or to make changes to an existing one can be significant. And it can be a little hard to accept the costs and red tape required to “do it right” here in South Africa, especially when you know for a fact that half the country’s dwellings are illegal in some way or another. That said, those of us who are determined to stay on the right side of...
Successful Projects Communication is Key

Successful Projects: Communication is Key

Starting a new build project can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. There is much to be considered, especially during the project planning phase of your project. In our previous article, we took an in-depth look at two important steps to take during the project planning phase: Developing a project scope and creating a schedule. By ensuring these essential steps are followed, you are well underway to achieve success. However, there is another important part to consider with...
Two Important Steps to Achieve Success in Your Project Planning

Two Important Steps to Achieve Success in Your Project Planning

We've discussed how architects, specifying managers, and other stakeholders can become an octopus arm by working together on projects in the building industry to ensure enhanced communication and smooth flow during different phases of a project. In this article, we explore two essential steps to ensure success during the project planning phase. Step 1: Determining the project scope To ensure effective project planning, it is essential to define the project scope. For this, you must consider the client's needs. This includes identifying...