Working from home? Easily zone an open-plan space for a home office

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Working from home Easily zone an open-plan space for a home office

Working from home? Easily zone an open-plan space for a home office

We’ve become used to open-plan living and the idea that not all the rooms in our homes need to have four walls. This has changed the way we use our homes, but it has also created some challenges; One being working from home which has become the new normal in recent months. For most of us, working from home may not be convenient, especially when you can’t simply close a door to keep distractions out. So, how can you turn a section of your multi-functional open-plan space into a proper office?

The best way to create a separate area is to divide the space with a semi-permanent structure. Aluminium is a great material to work with as it offers a variety of creative solutions to manage space. Independent aluminium manufacturer, Origin Aluminium says: “Aluminium’s essential characteristics mean it’s extremely versatile, making it the ideal material for residential construction.”

Harness the power of a room divider

One of the most effective ways to create privacy is to invest in a room divider. This is particularly useful in a smaller home where large renovations are not possible. Because it’s not a permanent structure it can be moved to create custom spaces as needed. Dividers are available in a variety of materials, but if you’re after durability and versatility, aluminium is the ideal choice. An aluminium divider is lightweight and low maintenance and can be powder-coated in a colour of your choice.

With the countless sizes and colours available, you can play around with the following room divider ideas to suit your interior style and open-plan space.

  1. Beech blocks incorporated in an aluminium frame create a functional yet artistic divider between two living areas.
Courtesy: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors –
  1. For a contemporary appearance which is sleek and fresh, showcase your space with dark aluminium or wooden frames with glass panes, crisp white walls and a dark floor.
Courtesy: LDa Architecture & Interiors –

Privacy when you need it with aluminium doors

You can create a separate office area by installing sliding or folding aluminium doors. Sliding doors are the ideal investment if you want privacy but also want the option to open up space when you’re not working. Aluminium sliding doors are also energy-efficient, which means that your office will be warmer in winter and keep out drafts.

Courtesy: Homes of Distinction
Courtesy: Rusk Renovations

The benefit of aluminium folding doors is that it lets huge amounts of natural light in, ideal for a workspace. The frames can also be matched to your interior. Origin Aluminium says: “The aluminium used for folding door frames is usually covered in a tough, powder-coated finish available in just about any colour. Finishes can be matt or gloss, metallic or textured, all of which serve to make aluminium the most versatile material available.”

Courtesy: Charles Debbas Architecture
Courtesy: Cravotta Interiors

Stay connected with an aluminium partition

Aluminium partitions create the illusion of space for privacy but don’t completely close off any areas. Aluminium and glass partitions offer a peaceful workspace while keeping it connected with the rest of the home. Partitions create dynamic and adaptable spaces where form and functionality come together effortlessly.

  1. Used to separate business from home, frosted glass panels in aluminium frames allow for light in your new workspace while providing the necessary privacy when required.
Courtesy: John Lum Architecture –
Courtesy: Remodella Healthy –
Courtesy: Sarah Jefferys Design –

If you currently have to work from home and are ready to create a brand-new home office, Origin Aluminium will assist you in finding the perfect solution. Origin specialises in high-quality aluminium products for clients around South Africa. Whether you want to create privacy in a small space or define new areas in a larger home, there is a unique solution for you. Have the flexibility to change your space’s functionality with ease with versatile and durable aluminium products from Origin Aluminium.

Origin Aluminium strives to deliver improved efficiencies, innovative designs, and motivated support teams to ensure all products are manufactured quickly, without compromising on quality.

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