10 Reasons to Consider Double Glazing for your Home or Office

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10 Reasons to Consider Double Glazing for your Home or Office

Whether you’re renovating a home or building an office, the question of double glazing will likely rear its head.

We understand that your choice of window, style, glass, and frame material can change the face of the building. Aesthetics aside, double glazing comes with an arsenal of additional benefits that may not be immediately obvious, but will certainly affect your comfort and your bottom line.

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10 Reasons to Choose Double Glazing

You already know that double glazing is a window or door system that includes two sheets of glass separated by an inert gas and held securely in place as a sealed unit. Sounds pretty basic, right? Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the system though, as it brings with it some far-reaching advantages.

1. Insulation

In colder climates, double glazing is a necessity. However, South Africa’s temperate climate doesn’t preclude us from enjoying the insulation benefits of double glazing. Whereas a single glass sheet does a decent job of keeping the cold out and the warm in, (or vice versa) a double glazed system does a significantly better job.

2. Noise Reduction

Whether we’re at home or in the office, we don’t want to be bothered by noisy neighbours or traffic noise. Double glazing tackles this problem effectively as that small gap between the sheets of glass dissipates noise pollution by up to 60%. Additionally, newer window systems come with securely sealed frames which add another layer of ‘Shh’ to your space.

3. Limits Condensation

As the weather changes and the temperatures outside drop, the likelihood of condensation on the inside of your windows and doors increases. This on its own is not a problem, but if not wiped down regularly, this can lead to mould and mildew forming on the window frames. Over time, this will damage wooden frames, but also introduces mould spores into your home. Double glazing reduces the chance of condensation and relegates this to a distant possibility instead of an ongoing problem.

4. Increased Security

Security features are always going to matter when building or renovating homes and offices. Double glazed windows are harder to break than a standard single pane of glass, and the superior locking mechanisms are very difficult to force open from the outside. For added peace of mind, choose thicker laminated or toughened glass.

5. Increased Property Value

The benefits of investing in quality double glazed windows for your property will be apparent to potential buyers when the time comes. They too will want to enjoy the energy savings, safety, and aesthetics of these hard-wearing and long-lasting doors and windows.

6. Aesthetics

Double glazed systems generally come with uPVC or aluminium frame which immediately takes the look to the next level. This smart, contemporary style fits with most home and office aesthetics and adds a clean, modern twist without even trying too hard.

7. Minimal Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, a double-glazed system benefits less from the actual glass and more from the modern material of the frames. For example, choosing powder coated or anodised aluminium window frames means the occasional wipe down with a soft cloth, and years of dedicated, corrosion-free service.

8. Lower Energy Bills

As energy prices in South Africa soar, we are all looking for ways to mitigate these costs. Double glazing does this incredibly well as these systems act as a highly efficient barrier between hot and cold. Whether you are running an air-conditioner during the summer or plugging in a heater for the chilly winter months, you can rest assured that your double glazed doors and windows are doing their part in keeping your space comfortable.

9. Increased Safety

Locking and hinge mechanisms on newer window systems create a safer space for your family or staff. Your preference can allow for restricted opening in the upper storeys and safe locking when required.

10. Interior Protection

That hot summer sun can wreak havoc on our interior furnishings, carpeting and window treatments. Double glazed windows and doors reduce the UV rays beaming into your space, which lessens their damaging effects. Added privacy or UV films can be requested for increased efficiency.

Where to From Here?

There’s no doubt that double glazing is the way forward for new builds and renovations, both residential and commercial.

The next question is: where can you find the best quality window and door systems for your project?

Our team here at Origin look forward to assisting you.

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