Origin - Your new laundry room Layout location and light

Your new laundry room: Layout, location and light! 

Doing the laundry can be trying and time consuming. But having a dedicated area to do this daily chore can make it much more bearable. A bright and productive space can improve the atmosphere and help to keep your home organised. Many laundry spaces are banished to awkward corners and low-light areas where getting the tasks of washing, ironing, and folding your laundry frustrating. If it's time to revamp your old laundry room or you're ready to create a brand-new space,...
Creative ways to create a patio enclosure

The best of both worlds: Creative ways to create a patio enclosure

Whether you want to add extra living space or enhance the curb appeal of your home, there are many ways to do it. An excellent solution to make the most use of this area is to enclose it with an aluminium and glass structure. These patio enclosures can be installed in many creative ways and can feature a range of windows, doors, and walls to suit your style and beautifully enhance your property. Why consider a patio enclosure? A patio enclosure is one of the most cost-effective ways...