About Us

Proudly Manufacturing Aluminium Sliding Doors and Windows Since 2005

Origin Aluminium, founded in 2005, is a national producer of Aluminium and Glass architectural products. It was the brainchild of Grant Kalil (Group CEO) who, together with Grant Saville (Western Cape and Group COO), Dean Potter & Theresa Long (Gauteng), Rajen Naicker (KwaZulu Natal), Kisten Naicker (Free State), Charles Honeywill (Eastern Cape), Brett Kalil (Group MD) and Pierre El-Khouri (FD) have between them over 200 years of experience in the industry.

The team is further strengthened by our Chairman, Neville Kalil. As a co-founder of Kal Aluminium, Neville brings a wealth of experience and industry respect to the table. His technical and management skills combine flawlessly with the dynamic approach of the younger members of our team. All of which helps make Origin Aluminium a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, ready-to-install, aluminium sliding doors, windows, shower doors and more – all at competitive prices.

Our Mission

We aim to become the preferred supplier of quality aluminium and glass products to clients around the country. We strive to deliver improved efficiencies, innovative designs and motivated support teams to ensure all our products are manufactured quickly, without compromising on quality. We believe in the value of partnerships, and we want our clients to focus on growing their own businesses, confident that we will deliver on our promises so they can keep theirs.

Our Staff

All our staff in every department – sales, finance, manufacturing and support – are highly motivated and energised. They have been handpicked because of their valuable industry experience, and unwavering commitment to our company’s success. Many of our employees are equity holders in the business, reaffirming their devotion to its success.

Our Quality

As an AAAMSA member, we continuously test all our products, making sure they conform to the strictest requirements of the latest building regulations for wind deflection, glazing, water and air infiltration. This commitment to excellence saw our domestic aluminium sliding patio door become the first in South Africa to adhere to the SANS 10400 and 10137 wind deflection tests. Other successful AAAMSA testing has been achieved on our:

  • Casement Window (A3)
  • Vertical Slider (A1)
  • Horizontal Slider (A2)
  • Side Hung window (A1)
  • Curtain Wall (A4)
  • Shopfront (A3).

Over and above these outstanding quality specifications, we are also passionate about designing all our products with other factors – such as aesthetics, handling, installation, energy-efficiency and cost – in mind.

Our Commitment To Green

In 2013, Origin Aluminium received the highly sought-after SAFIERA Energy Rating Certifications for our Origin Patio Door and Origin 340 Casement Window. This certification means homeowners, architects and builders have all the necessary energy and mechanical performance information immediately to hand when planning the optimal energy efficiency of a new home or office building.

You can download both certificates, and all our ratings and results, here.

As one of the very few independent manufacturers in the aluminium Industry, we have the freedom and flexibility to adapt and implement new ideas that more than meet the ever-changing needs of the market.

We look forward to working with you.