Four innovative ways to enhance space with sliding doors

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Four innovative ways to enhance space with sliding doors

You may think that sliding doors only lead outside, but with its modern and creative designs today, the options for sliding doors are limitless! From creating hidden home offices to cleverly dividing spaces, it can take your home from average to amazing with a single installation.

With its many uses and large range of benefits, sliding doors have become quite popular with home and business owners. And while they are incredibly functional and beneficial, they can also add a stylish touch to any home.

Adding a sliding door to your home offers an elegant touch with its sleek appearance that complements almost every architectural style. They are also incredibly space-saving, as they slide parallel to walls to offer access to different spaces. Additionally, these doors are useful for allowing in plenty of natural sunlight to give your home an open and airy atmosphere.

What are all the benefits of sliding doors?

They are energy efficient

Sliding doors are effective insulators. They feature secure sills that offer optimum thermal insulation while keeping dust, wind and rain out.

If fitted with Low-E glass, they are also great for ensuring your home remains warm in the winter and cool during the warmer months.

They are safe and secure 

When made from aluminium frames and tempered glass, sliding doors are very safe and secure. Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as toughened glass. It is a type of safety glass prepared by controlled thermal or chemical treatments which increases its strength considerably.

They are space-saving and allow easy access

Sliding doors function without hinges and do not swing open thereby saving plenty of space. These doors are ideal if you have limited room to work with or want to enhance the space of a room.

Since sliding doors glide on a track, it can be opened with a slight push. This makes it very easy and convenient to access other areas.

They allow plenty of natural light in 

Sliding doors typically consists of big panes of glass that flows from the topmost to the bottom of every door section. This design lets plenty of natural light into your home and seamlessly connects outdoor spaces with indoor rooms.

Which type of material is ideal for sliding doors?

Sliding doors are made from a variety of materials, including wood and stainless steel. If you want to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, you should go for aluminium sliding doors. They are typically cost-effective, low-maintenance and durable  as well as corrosion-resistant, meaning you won’t have to replace them soon.

Creative ideas for installing aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium sliding doors can be installed in many different ways to ensure you enjoy its benefits fully and to make the most of your spaces. Let’s explore four creative ways you can enhance your property with sliding doors.

Work in style: Create a hidden office

Installing a sliding door is an excellent way of creating a home office space that is easily accessible, but private. Working from home you would ideally want a space that is peaceful and quiet. With sliding doors, you can effortlessly create a separate space that blocks out any distractions. What makes these doors even more valuable for this purpose is that they can feature a stylish design that “hides” your home office. When used right, it can even look like a stylish wall piece instead of a separate room.

Passages: Narrow is but an illusion

If you have a narrow passage or hallway in your home, you can easily enhance this space by installing sliding doors. These slide open and close parallel to the wall and will not take up any space when opened. It is ideal for accessing bedrooms in your home or for separate offices in an office building.

Additionally, when the sliding doors in a passage are closed, it provides complete privacy while offering a more stylish and modern appearance.

Sliding windows: Beyond the wall

Installing a sliding window above sliding doors not only looks elegant but also offers a range of other benefits. When you require privacy, the window can be slid open to allow fresh air and light into your space. It is also useful in making the ceiling appear higher, opening up your space and offering a lighter atmosphere.

Additionally, windows above sliding doors are a great solution for regulating the temperature in the room. Instead of opening the door which can increase the chances of cold breezes blowing into the space, you can conveniently open the window for fresh air.

Closet doors: Every day to chic and unique

You can use a sliding door as a closet door to create a very appealing finish. You can do this in two ways:

  • Changing a room’s look. 

Using sliding doors in Espresso melamine with brushed aluminium accents is an easy solution to increase storage space with a slightly transparent appearance. This storage solution makes it easier to see the closet’s contents and is ideal for rooms with limited space. When using sectional aluminium sliding doors in a black finish with smoked frosted glass, you can create a sleek and functional way to access your closet’s content. It is a great choice to make even the most compact spaces look modern and stylish.

  • His and Hers: Dividing a closet or a room. 

Using framed glass sliding doors, you can divide a closet into ‘His and Hers’ spaces, enclose an existing closet, divide a room or create a modern hidden storage area, with limited space. You can choose from a variety of aluminium sliding door frame finishes, including solid and wood grain. Your choice of frame finish and glass will determine the function and look of your space.

Let’s enhance the space in your home

If you’re looking for aluminium sliding doors for your home, we can assist. Origin Aluminium’s team works to deliver improved efficiencies to ensure all our products are manufactured quickly, without compromising on quality. We specialise in innovative designs that bring style and elegance to homes. Additionally, we take pride in offering exceptional support during and after all installation processes.


Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of aluminium sliding doors in your home? Talk to the expert team at Origin Aluminium to find the right solution for you.


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