Invest In A New Look For Your Overlooked Garage With Aluminium Doors

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Invest in a new look for your overlooked garage with aluminium doors

Invest In A New Look For Your Overlooked Garage With Aluminium Doors

When we decide to revamp our homes, we are often so eager to renovate our most used spaces, that we overlook other important areas. The garage and specifically garage doors are usually one of these areas, even though it is the most noticeable exterior feature. This often leaves us with unsightly doors that give a dull and uninspiring appearance to the entire look of our properties. If you’re ready to renovate, start with your garage and see how this change can turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamt of.

Enhance your home with aluminium garage doors

Changing your ordinary, inexpensive garage doors is one of the first things to consider when you’re looking for an instant home makeover. Luckily, there are countless modern garage doors available on the market today capable of meeting any architectural requirements. New garage doors will not only increase your kerb appeal but may even inspire you to use your garage as extra living space. If you are not currently using your garage to store vehicles, why not create additional space in your house with an extra room?

Aluminium is an excellent choice of material to use for this purpose. This silvery-white metal offers plenty of benefits when used as garage doors. These include:

Improved aesthetic 

Modern aluminium doors are designed with stunning homes in mind and can give your kerb a striking new appearance.


Aluminium is known to be highly resistant to the elements and doesn’t easily corrode.


Aluminium is a cheaper alternative to many other materials, including wood.

Energy efficiency

Aluminium has excellent thermal properties if installed with the right glass options.

Ideas for your kerb

When it comes to enhancing your kerb with new garage doors, keep these ideas in mind:

  • To bring the perfect balance to your property in your renovation project, match your garage doors and paving to bring the entire look together.
Courtesy: Stonehenge Concrete & Construction |
  • Use downlighting to extend a warm welcome to guests as well as placing focus on your new aluminium garage doors.
Courtesy: Google |
  • For the ultimate modern facade, add frosted glass between aluminium panels on your garage doors.
Courtesy: Ultralinx |

Which aluminium doors are right for you?

You may feel overwhelmed with the variety of aluminium garage doors available. Browse a few ideas to help you find your match.

  • Aluminium is available in a range of colours and foil coatings. Choosing a lighter colour enhances a modern look while a darker shade gives a warm appearance.
Courtesy: Coco Design |
  • Frosted glass between panels will give a contemporary aesthetic to your kerb.
Courtesy: Garage Living |
  • For a rustic look with the added benefit of low maintenance, opt for aluminium doors in an oak finish.
  • If you’re after a more artistic appearance, go for a customised option such as matching your front and garage doors in a creative way.
Courtesy: Ryterna Garage Doors |

Whether you are confident that you have the perfect idea for your garage or need some advice, the next step is finding the right provider. Origin Aluminium are industry specialists manufacturing both custom-made, and a range of premium quality, ready-to-install aluminium products for residential and commercial properties. We offer top advice and provide excellent before and after-sales customer service to ensure complete peace of mind.


If you are ready to add an attractive complement to the exterior of your home, contact our expert team. We will assist you in investing in high-quality aluminium to enhance your garage.

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