From shower curtain to shower doors – you’re spoilt for choice!

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From shower curtain to shower doors – you're spoilt for choice!

From shower curtain to shower doors – you’re spoilt for choice!

We want our bathrooms to be serene spaces where we can unwind in a hot bath after a long day or take a refreshing shower before work. Bathrooms are typically one of the smallest spaces in our homes, and it is often difficult to create that perfect spa-like appearance. But it is incredible what a few small changes can do! If you’ve always wanted to renovate your bathroom, start with the entrance to your shower; a small feature that can change the entire space. Specifically, if you still have a traditional shower curtain, perhaps it’s time to consider a more modern appearance.

Shower curtains vs shower doors – who’s the real winner?

The differences between shower curtains and aluminium and glass shower doors go far beyond their appearance. They are probably one of the most noticeable features in your bathroom, but your choice will also affect the function, maintenance and your budget. Let’s consider shower curtains vs shower doors:

Creating the illusion of space 

Many people prefer shower curtains because it is affordable, offers a different texture to the bathroom and can bring colour to the space. However, a shower curtain can make your bathroom look significantly smaller. In comparison, shower doors are certainly more expensive, but it provides the illusion of space, which can make your bathroom look lighter and bigger.

No more spills 

Shower curtains often lead to spills and leaks. If you’re tired of puddles in the bathroom, it’s time to consider a watertight glass-enclosed shower.

Go eco-friendly 

Curtains wear and tear quickly and, unfortunately, the material it is made of is not so eco-friendly. With the focus on sustainability today, you may want a more permanent investment such as glass which won’t have to be replaced often.

No drafts 

Ever had a shower curtain stuck to your leg or back? That’s because there is usually a slight draft in your bathroom. With shower doors, of course, you won’t have that problem.

A cleaner option

After a few weeks of use, your curtain may get stained with soap scum, mould and mildew. Liners can be cheaply replaced or washed, but the curtains typically need to get professionally cleaned. Shower doors are easy to keep clean with a cloth or window cleaning equipment.

Upgrading from curtains to doors adds value to your home

Today, modern home interiors and finishes are the trend and homebuyers usually look for contemporary, clean features. When you decide to sell your home, your bathroom is one of the most important spaces to consider, as it is one of the most used spaces. If you want to make improvements, start by installing aluminium and glass shower doors; it adds instant value. So, when the time comes to put your property on the market, your bathroom will enable you to raise the price.

Choose the ideal shower doors for your bathroom

Glass shower doors come in many styles and designs: Sliding tri-doors, bi-fold doors, pivot doors and curved doors. These are available in an aluminium frame with fitted glass or as a frameless option with aluminium fittings. When you’re ready to switch from curtain to door, it is wise to consider what look you want to go for.


A sleek, sliding shower door with clear glass adds a refined, modern touch and a cleaner, minimalist and less cluttered appearance to your bathroom. If you have a slightly larger shower, opt for sliding tri-doors. Add a towel rail to the doors for the ultimate timeless look.



If you have a little room to work with, choose a bi-fold shower door which stacks up neatly for ease of movement in and out of the shower.



If you have a larger shower or plenty of space, consider a pivot or curved shower door. It adds that luxurious touch and will make you feel like you’re stepping into a stunning oasis every time you shower.


More privacy

For a more discreet space, invest in shower doors with tinted, frosted, or patterned glass. This still creates a clean and open atmosphere, but with added privacy.


If you’ve decided to make the switch from shower curtain to durable aluminium and glass shower doors, the next step is to speak to the team at Origin Aluminium about your specific requirements. We specialise in the manufacturing of premium quality, ready-to-install and custom aluminium products. Our expert team will go out of their way to answer all your questions to ensure you choose the right product for your bathroom.


Contact our expert team today. We will assist you in investing in high-quality aluminium to enhance your bathroom and add value to your home.

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