Understanding The Real Cost Of Using Aluminium In Your Home Renovations

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Understanding The Real Cost Of Using Aluminium In Your Home Renovations

Understanding The Real Cost Of Using Aluminium In Your Home Renovations

Home renovations. It’s a phrase that strikes fear into even the most intrepid lover of “fixer-uppers.” There are many reasons for this – mess, stress and inconvenience being only a few.

Cost, of course, is probably first on most people’s list when talking about the downside of renovations. If this sounds all too familiar, here’s something to ponder when pouting about price: Is the cost of the renovation justified when you consider the value of the renovation? In other words, if it costs you R50 000 to replace all your old, warped window and door frames with aluminium ones, but it adds R100 000 to the total value of your home, then is that R50 000 actually a cost? You’ve effectively secured yourself a 100% return on your investment, so suddenly, the cost of using aluminium in your home renovations doesn’t seem expensive at all!

Naturally, most people make changes to their home to cater for their family’s changing needs, to modernise ageing fixtures and fittings, or simply to gain more pleasure from their home. However if any of these reasons also add value, then that’s an extra bonus! It’s also a very real consideration when calculating the cost of your renovations. What may, initially, seem very expensive, might end up paying for itself – and then some – when it comes to the increased value it brings to your home.

Calculating The Cost Of Using Aluminium in Home Renovations

Many estate agents will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell houses. And there is probably more than a little truth in this. But before you even get inside the house to look at the kitchen and bathrooms, you see the outside first. The Americans call it “kerb appeal,” which is a pretty accurate way to describe that first impression you get when you first arrive at a house. Does it look good when you’re standing on the kerb? Two of the most important features contributing to the answer to that question are the doors and windows.

Next to a fresh coat of paint, beautiful, stylish doors and windows have a huge impact on the overall look of your home. And if, like tens of thousands of South Africans, you live in a modern security estate where the properties all look very similar, having gorgeous window and door frames can help make your home stand out from the rest.

Of course, it’s not only aesthetically that aluminium scores big. Aluminium doors and windows have proven strength, which adds important security to your home. In addition, because it doesn’t warp in hot, humid or damp environments, it’s perfectly suited to our varied climate, ensuring easy, stick-free opening and closing all year round.

Aluminium’s strength also means frames can be thinner, allowing for bigger panes of glass. Not only is this more attractive, but it’s also highly thermally efficient, helping to trap warm air inside your house in the winter, and preventing it from entering in the first place in the summer. This helps keep the interior temperature of your home very comfortable all year round, without having to rely too heavily on other methods of heating or cooling. In fact, heat gain and loss can often be improved by up to 60%! This means energy savings of up to three times that of producing the frames – in the first year alone.

Do you still think aluminium is expensive?

Understanding The Real Cost Of Using Aluminium In Your Home Renovations 2

What About Other Materials?

Do you sometimes feel spoiled for choice? Yes, having a variety of options can make the selection process tricky.

PVCu frames, for example, are a popular choice, being attractive and hardwearing. However, depending on your location, this option can cost more than its aluminium counterpart. Be sure to compare apples with apples, and take into account the quality of the locks, handles and any other additional extras.

Lead time is also important. Long lead times or delayed deliveries can have a huge ripple effect throughout your entire project. Be wary of companies offering cheaper prices but long manufacturing times. This can end up costing you a lot of money if it delays your schedule and inconveniences other contractors. Remember that the industry standard is usually anywhere between four to eight weeks, but certain suppliers may well have had an “express” option if you need it.

But what about when the windows or doors have finally been delivered? Does your supplier offer a fitting and installation service? If not, you will incur another expense hiring a separate contractor to do this.

As you can see, there is a lot more to “cost” than the initial number written on a quotation. It’s vital to take all the additional factors into consideration before making your final decision.

To help you with this, and to answer any questions you might have, a friendly representative from Origin Aluminium is waiting to chat with you. We’ve been manufacturing aluminium windows and doors since 2005, and we can help you understand the costs of using aluminium in your home renovations. Ask for quality by name. Contact us today.

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