The best of both worlds: Creative ways to create a patio enclosure

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Creative ways to create a patio enclosure

The best of both worlds: Creative ways to create a patio enclosure

Whether you want to add extra living space or enhance the curb appeal of your home, there are many ways to do it. An excellent solution to make the most use of this area is to enclose it with an aluminium and glass structure. These patio enclosures can be installed in many creative ways and can feature a range of windows, doors, and walls to suit your style and beautifully enhance your property.

Why consider a patio enclosure?

patio enclosure is one of the most cost-effective ways to add extra living space to your property. Because it is enclosed, the area offers the benefit of feeling like you are outdoors but protected from the elements. Compared to your outdoor deck or patio, enclosures allow for year-round use.

These enclosures can be customised to suit your specific style and can include a combination of windows, doors, or fixed glass panes. This ensures that in addition to the aesthetics, an enclosure can be customised for functionality.

One of the best ways to open up your home is with a glass enclosure. These are accessible from indoors and designed to function as an additional living area with natural light throughout the year. Let’s explore all the benefits of a glass enclosure.

Benefits of Glass Enclosures

  • Create extra space – cost-effectively

With a glass enclosure, you don’t need complicated plans or extensive renovations; you can create an extra room from an existing area simply and affordably.

  • Protection from the elements 

Glass enclosures are typically weather-sealed and offer protection from the sun while providing shelter from the elements.

  • Protect outdoor furniture 

With a glass enclosure, you can place your outdoor furniture inside and protect it from getting wet, sun-faded and damaged by mould.

  • Show off your style 

If you’re looking for a creative way to show off your interior skills, you can add any number of doors or windows to suit your style.

The difference between a glass patio enclosure and a sunroom

Glass patio enclosures are similar to sunrooms, but they are typically installed around a veranda, patio or balcony with an existing roof structure. A sunroom has fixed frames, several windows, and is developed as an extension of a property and usually build from scratch. Patio enclosures are a paved area next to, or near, a property. They are constructed from anodised or powder-coated aluminium in a variety of colours and can be fitted with different types of glass, including energy-saving, anti-glare, toughened glass or laminated.

There are many ways to create a glass patio enclosure. Let’s explore these creative ideas:

An enclosure with a glass ceiling

Glass ceilings offer more natural light and provide a light, airy atmosphere for indoor spaces. Enclosing an area with a glass ceiling will allow you to experience the beauty of the outdoors while enjoying more privacy and enhanced security.

One of the best ways to create a glass ceiling is with Low-E glass and aluminium structures. Low-E windows are popular because they do not block out all natural light but offer protection against infrared light and UV rays. Additionally, using aluminium will ensure your ceiling is sturdy and durable. Opt for powder-coated aluminium that is easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Creating an enclosed patio

Adding an extra room to your property adds value to your home and increases the size of your covered floor space. Instead of spending money on heavy structures and renovations, you can effectively turn an existing outdoor area into a beautiful indoor veranda, adding more space for you and your family to enjoy.

The use of folding stacking doors for patio enclosures is becoming increasingly popular because they are sleek and stylish and offer maximum access to outdoor spaces. This allows you to enjoy the warmth and comfort from the indoor space, as well as access to the fresh air and natural light from the outdoors.

Stylish renovation of an existing outdoor space

If you have an existing outdoor space that has potential but not used often due to the weather, you can enclose it stylishly to allow a beautiful and comfortable transition from the outdoors to the indoors in a very natural way. It can be used as a living space to host friends and family to enjoy time together with a feeling of the outdoors.

Ready to invest in a glass and aluminium enclosure?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to add improved aesthetics, durability and energy efficiency to your new patio enclosure, aluminium is a great option. At Origin Aluminium, we specialise in the manufacturing of top quality, ready-to-install aluminium products that will enhance your property and offer you a more enjoyable living space.


If you are ready to benefit from a glass and aluminium enclosure, contact our expert team. Our team can assist you with the right material for your creative ideas and offer advice when needed.

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