Architects: 3 Simple Ways to Become an Octopus Arm

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Architects 3 Simple Ways to Become an Octopus Arm

Architects: 3 Simple Ways to Become an Octopus Arm

Have you ever watched an octopus in motion? The one arm is doing its thing over there and the other is tied up on another mission on the opposite side. Somehow though, they are all working for the same result even when it looks like quite the opposite.

What has that got to do with aluminium doors and windows in the building industry?

Architects, specifying managers, and project managers all feel the same frustrations during a project when the vision is compromised by sub-standard products or relationships collapse over incomplete information and misunderstandings.

Having been in the industry for as long as I have, I’d like to offer a few suggestions that I have found to smooth bumpy roads and allow for enhanced communication between stakeholders.

As you read, I’d like to encourage you to consider how you can personally implement these tips and how they would benefit you and your team.

1.      Stop Selling

Yes, I understand that the economy looks like the aftermath of a badly designed science experiment, but that doesn’t matter right now.

No matter who you are, you don’t like being sold to. That’s not going to change.

Today’s internet-friendly society means that we have almost everything we need at our fingertips and can do our research in our own time.

What does that mean for BPMs who want to get specified by an architect?

You need to work on your relationship with an architect, offering them information, solutions, or ideas that they aren’t going to find online. As an expert in your field, you will be able to highlight product points which may affect the overall look of a project or concepts that may enhance it.

So instead of going for the jugular, rather offer yourself as a partner who can offer guidance on your particular product or service.

2.      Stay Honest

It’s been said that information that is 50% correct is 100% misleading.

How many times have you been frustrated or disillusioned by “small print?” When you consider the sheer volume of moving parts in a new build wouldn’t you prefer to work with people who are transparent and forthcoming?

It is those professionals who answer the questions before they are asked, who offer more information than is required, and who are willing to admit that theirs may not be the best product for this particular project who enjoy trusted long-term relationships.

It is these people who architects, and key decision-makers turn to when they need technical advice on a future project.

3.      Do Your Homework

Knowing your audience and understanding their needs is good business practice across all industries.

A frank conversation with an architect or specifying manager will uncover their MIT – the Most Important Thing. Yes, we all want good quality at the best price, but does this project require a super-fast lead time, or are they more concerned about aesthetics?

This information tends to streamline communications and gives the client what they actually want, faster.

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

As an architect or a PM, you know full well that the lines of responsibility between design, creation, and construction are blurred – to say the least.

Each hat that you don comes with its own unique challenges, but what happens when you surround yourself with professionals who prove they are an octopus arm in your project?

Suddenly the project becomes a hotbed of exchanged ideas, uplifting concepts, and successful streamlined solutions.

Indeed, sharing in a project or a team which is greater than the sum of its parts is a rare privilege, which brings us back to question at the beginning of our article.

The Origin Octopus Arm

Our team at Origin Aluminium have always placed a high value on our relationships with architects, project managers and specifying managers.

We are a trusted arm which assures the following:

  • Strong, beautiful, and durable aluminium doors and windows
  • High-quality installation and finishes, every time
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient products
  • A wide range of products and finishes to choose from
  • A skilled and experienced team
  • Open and honest communication – always
  • Excellent pricing and excellent service

Just as the unexpectedly dextrous octopus uses its individual arms to great success, thus our part in the build environment can contribute to universally successful projects – every time.

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