What Makes the Perfect Aluminium Sliding Door?

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What Makes the Perfect Aluminium Sliding Door?

When it comes to sliding doors, not all products are created equal. They may all perform the same function and may even look the same at first glance. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover a world of differences. Depending on their construction, a sliding door can either work like a dream, or stick and jam like a nightmare. It all depends on the quality of the materials and fittings you use.

Sliding doors are a wonderful way to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden and give you easy access to your entertainment area. However, they can seem a little pricey upfront, which is why some people opt for cheaper fittings as a way to reduce the overall cost. Sadly, this often ends up being a case of cheap turning out expensive – when the fittings fail, they can cause significant, and expensive, damage to other parts of the door.

Poor quality rollers, for example, can spell disaster for a sliding door track if they break, exposing the hard steel bearing. Continuing to use the door at this stage will destroy the track, resulting in a very costly repair.

Of course, the reverse can also be true – an inferior track that quickly becomes worn will destroy rollers almost as soon as they are fitted.

Wheel housings too, should be chosen on the basis of quality and not price, if you want to avoid stressing your door. Cheaper housings often pivot against the door, causing damage in the long run. Better quality housings are self-leveling and do not stress the door.

Choose Quality, Choose Aluminium Sliding Doors

Modern aluminium sliding doors are a great choice for bringing you closer to the outdoors. Today’s frame profiles are slimmer than ever before, and runners are more advanced, meaning sliding doors are easier than ever to operate. Provided, of course, you choose wisely.

As far as the frames are concerned, aluminium has several advantages over other materials, such as wood or UPVC. UPVC isn’t particularly strong, meaning your frames have to be quite thick. Wood is a popular choice, but it’s prone to swelling, sticking and warping in areas of high humidity or rainfall.

Aluminium is the strongest material, meaning it offers the slimmest profile. This gives you far less view interruption, even when the doors are closed. Because aluminium is powder coated (making it virtually maintenance free) it’s available in a wide variety of colours. Charcoal and Bronze, which create a stark, modern look, are extremely popular at the moment for residential properties.

Key Benefits Of Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium’s strength not only means less material is needed for the frames, but it also means individual doors can be much bigger than with other materials. This maximises your view and takes the best advantage of your indoor/outdoor space. Other advantages include:

Easy To Maintain

Regular cleaning is all you need to do to keep powder-coated aluminium looking as good as new. It is the ideal material for our harsh South African climate, as it copes exceptionally well with heat, sunlight, rain and humidity, and won’t rust, rot, crack or warp. It is also fire-resistant, which is an added safety feature.

Durable And High End

Powder-coated aluminium sliding door frames never need painting, as their finish is exceptionally long-lasting. We suggest you choose powder coated frames, and not anodised. Not only is it a more durable finish, it is also a more environmentally friendly process.

Energy Efficient

Aluminium has excellent wind, water and airtight properties. This means your home is less draughty and warmer in the winter, so it helps to optimise your energy efficiency.

The Origin Aluminium patio sliding door became the first door in South Africa to adhere to the SANS 10400 & 10317 wind deflection tests. It has also been designed for easy installation, without compromising on its great looks.  We also manufacture the Palace heavy-duty sliding door, which meets the specifications required for higher wind and deflection needs. It is available in two-, three-, four- and six-pane configurations.

Download our full product brochure here, or contact us for more information.

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