origin aluminium sliding folding windows

Sliding Folding Windows

The two key features people look for in sliding folding windows are proven performance and reliability. With our sliding aluminium windows, you get both – all in one stylish, secure and durable product!
origin aluminium vertical slider windows

Vertical Sliders

The Origin 380 vertical slider is an elegant, high-end aluminium window designed and priced to suit any environment. Its A1 rating was achieved after passing strict AAAMSA wind, deflection and water tests. Easy to install and service, this attractive window enhances the visual appeal of any home or office.
origin aluminium horizontal slider windows

Horizontal Sliders

The Origin horizontal slider is A2 rated, meaning it has passed strict AAAMSA wind, deflection and water tests. These high-quality aluminium windows are easy to install, maintain and use. They are also extremely strong and durable, making them ideally suited to any environment. For complete peace of mind and confidence, you won’t go wrong with this window!
origin aluminium casement windows

Casement Windows

Flexible and versatile, the Origin casement window can be designed and manufactured for virtually any environment and in any configuration. Our top hung casement aluminium window has passed the strict AAAMSA wind, deflection and water tests required for its A3 rating, while our side hung window is A1 rated.